About Vanguard

We are based on collective work
and shared knowledge


Make it simple, but significant

 Shiraz based Studio established  with main focus on  designing new projects and renovating old buildings based on new functional demands .Vanguard is an interior design business
specializing in commercial and residential spaces.

All of our projects design and manage from conception to completion. 

  • Consulted with clients to determine architectural preference to meet overall design goals.
  • Developed space planning concepts, color palette selections and textile presentations.
  • Transformed uninspiring areas into warm and inviting living spaces using various lighting fixtures, materials and products.
  • Prepared executing  documents and details to implement design concepts.
  • Assisted clients with budget considerations and made recommendations for furniture, wall hangings and decorative  items.
  • Led interior design across conceptual, schematic, design development and construction document phases.
  • Created professional presentations using autocad,3d studio max, sketch up and photoshop to creatively communicate design intent and direction.
  • Developed key client relationships by providing design solutions that met needs and budgets without compromising quality or design intent.
  • Interfaced effectively with contractors and vendors to resolve issues and discuss ideas.
  • Designed floor plans, elevations, 3D perspective views and material boards for review and presentation.


Professional Memberships

  • Membership of Construction Engineering Organization, Shiraz- Iran 2009


Books and Articles Published   

  • Shahabi,Zohreh, Multimedia libraries ,Shiraz University Magazine (Islamic Azad) Iran,2005
  • Shahabi, Zohreh, The Gallery and library of visual arts (thesis book) Shiraz University (Islamic Azad) Iran,2005
  • Translation of “ Seattle Public Library “ ebook.


Awards & Recognitions

  • Graduating with the excellent degree (20/20)  for presenting the master degree thesis “The Gallery and library of visual arts”
  • Honored for the competition “Iranian school , Iranian architects”
  • Temporary faculty member of Islamic Azad University , shiraz branch 2010-2011
  • Temporary faculty member of Eram  Institute of higher education , shiraz branch 2010 -2013

Experts ready to serve.


What customers say about us.

In designing my clinic, there are two important points to me which have been observed. First is the strategic plan of the clinic, which is very efficient and effective, second the proper circulation and connection of the unit rooms in the dental clinic. Observing the principles of the aesthetic design of the clinic is quite clear by looking at the photos.

Dr. Ahmad Hassan Ahangari (Prosthodontist)

When we implemented the design, the reality was much more beautiful than what was presented in the design. The selected colors gave a lot of light and warmth to the house, and most importantly, the design was such that it changed the original simple space into a modern style. Every day in all these past days we enjoy looking at the home space and thank you dear Mrs. Shahabi for this design.

Dr. Forough Ghias Abadi

First of all, I would like to thank Mrs. Shahabi for her efforts, both during the design and during the execution. She really did her best to make this clinic beautiful, which is admired by most of the clients, and after ten years, it still has its calming and high efficiency, both in the waiting hall and in the clinic.

Dr. Azim Banarooee (Prosthodontist)

I would not find anyone more liable, considerate, professional, delicate, with that  exquisite taste. Thank you dearest Architect Zohreh Shahabi for everything. The final result was exactly what I desired for.

Dr. Sadaf Adibi (Maxillofacial specialist)

In my opinion, the problem that distinguishes Mrs. Shahabi from other colleagues (for me, who changed the interior decoration several times as a client) is that she is present in all stages of the work, from beginning to end, with a very special responsibility. She is active, always available and she communicates with the client and the executor with unique patience. in addition to being tasteful and precise. During the year that I worked with her, I did not feel that financial issues had cast a shadow on quality and quantity. I personally introduced her to all my dear friends and colleagues.

Dr. Amir Alireza Khaledi (Prosthodontist)

Thank you for your beautiful design. It was interesting to me that even some of the visitors of pharmaceutical and laser companies who came from Tehran were impressed by your beautiful design. The sense of calm along with the modern and special design of the clinic was unique.

Dr. Nastaran Mohasel (dermatologist)

I personally highly recommend her. I truly enjoyed working with her, she completely designed my house based on my opinion and what we’ve been consulting. Mrs. Shahabi also designed my dental office, I was very satisfied again with the work she did for me. She’s a really good communicator, friendly, nice, kind and the best architect. If you wanna design a place and you want it to look flawless, she’s the person you can go to.

Dr. Anahita Safari (Prosthodontist)

The design of the spaces is completely following the use of each section. The choice of materials and design at each stage is selected according to the taste and needs of the client. A very important point is the constant availability of Mrs. Shahabi during the project, which distinguishes her from other colleagues. And she is available during all processes of design, supervision, and execution. 

Dr. Mehrdad Mohammad Hosseini (Radiologist)

When I decided to redesign my clinic, I wanted a place that calms me and my patients. Efficient to fit my equipment, usable, and at the same time eye-catching and modern. In my opinion, clinic design requires its own experience and is very different from designing other workspaces and houses. Each device must be located where it is easily accessible and at the same time, the environment is not crowded. Your design, Mrs. Shahabi, met all my wishes, and I thank you, and I am glad to have the experience of working together.

Dr. Rosyna Adibi (Gynecologist)

The design of the clinic was done and implemented in 2010. After 10 years, it is still up-to-date and not old-fashioned like the first day, and the materials that were chosen by the designer are still of high quality and perfect. This is not my only opinion. Rather, it is the opinion of the majority of our clients.

Dr. Siavash Zohrabi (dentist)

I’m writing this comment to Mrs. Shahabi so that I can thank her for such a lovely interior décor and for renovating my Pharmacy so charmingly. All of my family members and my staff loved it. The whole theme, designs, color combinations were fantastic. Hope to see you soon at the opening ceremony. So again I wanted to thank you for all the good work that you did and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs an interior designer.

Dr. Nazanin Danesh (Pharmacist)

The design is very beautiful, the color coordination with the environment is excellent so that the waiting room is a calm and pleasant environment for patients and they do not feel that they are in a dental office. My workspace gives a pleasant feeling to myself and the patients because of the colors used in ceramics, units, and curtains. So far, any admitted patient will have the next referral. On the other hand, after a few years, this design is still very valuable and not boring.

Dr. Gholamali Zare (dentist)

Your designs are always great based on the needs of the clients.

Mr. Ali Chohedri

In the last days of 2009, we decided to leave the design of a villa to Mrs. Zohreh Shahabi. In explaining the reasons for this choice, we should mention her personal and professional characteristics, which are tasteful, creative design and master of the art and technique of architecture.

Like any other project, in the process of designing the concept and reaching the final design, a conversation between the client and the designer caused some priorities to change or some demands to be abandoned in favor of more important issues. Some issues were not considered, taking into account other considerations such as the complexities of manufacturing technology or avoiding possible additional costs for the other issues discussed. However, in the final design, about 90% of the initial requirements were met, which is a very acceptable amount.

Mr. Pouria Bagheri